Honesty. Humility. Relatability.

Captivating. Humour. Inspiration. Audience engagement 



These are some of the adjectives use to describe my speaking style. I love being in the presence of fellow women; creating a supportive, relaxed and inspiring environment to spark personal change. 


Looking for a passionate female speaker that connects with your audience of any race? I am available to Grace the stage and leave every audience with determination to own and live the life they were born to live

Speaking Topics include:

  • Freedom At Last

  • Standing Tall

  • My passion. My life

  • The needed Change

  • Etc. And each can be tailored to your event and the audience


"This is one amazing lady who should be speaking on a platform. Brilliant speaker with a massively important story, inspiring beyond words." - Lorna D Sheldon @LDS(International)Limited

"Peggy is an inspirational speaker, able to engage her audience with the genuine passion she is conveying. She is able to bring her subject to life, as well as articulating it with clarity. She is a natural communicator, and able to inspire as well as engage those who she is addressing" - Dickie James - CEO of Staffordshire Women's Aid

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