Recover from a life of emotional pain, to a beautiful life of peace, purpose and pleasure 


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  • Are you an abuse survivor, with a dream in your heart to achieve, but you don't know where and how to begin? 

  • Are those negative voices and obstacles overpowering you?

  • Do you feel like you deserve more in  life? 

If you answered, Yes! 


Then you are in the right place!


I'm Peggy Bareh - The Pain to Gain Motivator 

  • I help abuse survivors  who are ready, to move from Surviving to Thriving.

    I do this by using my unique step-by-step toolkit, called - I AM THRIVING NOW. Each letter is a step to unlocking the Gain in your Pain, leaving you with a renewed life of purpose, power, peace, and pleasure.


    I am leaving No one behind 


  • If you want a step-by-step guide to achieving your dreams






 Taking the first step to Turning Your Pain into Gain is just a click away!

  •                        As an abuse survivor, I get it.

    I understand the frustrating and painful feeling of stagnation, unworthiness and the desire to thrive, and not just to survive.

  • After  leaving my abusive relationship, I spent 3 years on a self-growth journey;  focussing on bouncing back, achieving my dreams and rewriting my story. 



    I have learned how to turn my Pain into Gain by creating a unique recovery toolkit called ‘I AM Thriving Now’, which unlocks the greatness of every life that this powerful program touches.


    Hundreds of lives have been transformed already and I am now inviting you to take that first step to also thrive, not just survive.






Does this sound

like you? 

 Linda is 35, has been in an abusive relationship for years and has now left, struggling to survive with her kids. She has safe accommodation, her basic needs and has a source of income.


Linda was such an ambitious woman, educated and passionate about becoming an entrepreneur or gaining her dream career and living her dream life. 


After experiencing  domestic abuse, she lost her identity, voice, confidence and self-esteem, and the motivation to pursue her dream.


Right now, she feels confused and disempowered with no sense of purpose. She knows she is giving her best, but her best does not seem enough.

​She feels like she's drowning

Every day, she tries to please everyone, meeting endless goal posts, but doesn’t feel worthy of herself. She feels like something, or someone is controlling her life and happiness.


She doesn’t feel satisfied with her current situation, and she feels like she deserves more in life. Her current mental state is also affecting her relationships with her loved ones.


She wants to move on from a life of emotional pain to a beautiful life of purpose, power, peace and pleasure. She longs to rekindle her sparkle and rewrite her story, but she doesn’t know where and how to begin. And she needs to act FAST or she may lose all the things she cares about most.

What are you struggling with? 


You don't have to struggle alone.

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Guess what!


 I answered, Yes! to the massive call for me to share my Pain to Gain Journey and my simple, step-by-step survival strategies.


 The book is  now ready and its all yours! Order from Amazon or click the link below 

  • "Peggy's extraordinary courage in telling her story makes it OK for others to open up about what they are going through. You know that you are not alone. This, in itself, is a great gift that her book offers." - Ruth Driscoll - Driscoll Toxic Relationship Expert and Creator of The Life Liberator 

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"Your life is 10% what you

have experienced and 90%

what you do with

your experiences". Peggy Bareh



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